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Non-Affiliation, Free FAFSA Options, and Benefits of Our Service

We are a professional FAFSA Preparer, not affiliated with the US Department of Education. As a professional FAFSA Preparer, we adhere to the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 when we assist students and their families with FAFSA filings. You can file the FAFSA for free without professional assistance by using the paper or electronic forms available at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Similar to using a Tax Preparer for help with filing taxes, many people choose to use a FAFSA Preparer for experienced help with preparation and filing of the FAFSA, and access to expert advice and review.

There are many unique benefits to our service which are not provided by the Department of Education. Click any benefit below for more details.

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Expedited Service
Service Description You can self-prepare and self-file a FAFSA directly with the government for no charge. Your school's financial aid office may offer help. We prepare and file your FAFSA application for student financial aid with the US Department of Education. This service level gives your application priority over all non-expedited applications in our queue for filing. When available, you can order our services for two academic years, and save 23% on the second academic year. Get the cost-saving benefit of our two-year service, plus the increased priority of our expedited service for both academic years.
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How to Begin Download a fillable pdf here or here, or begin the government web process at fafsa.ed.gov.
Select an academic year for application assistance.

When you reach the Submittal page, click to add expediting.

When you reach the Submittal page, if a second academic year is available, click to add it.

When you reach the Submittal page, click to add expediting and a second academic year, if available.
Apply for student financial aid to fund your higher education.
Uniquely simplified and intuitive interview helps you to file quickly and confidently.
Preparation and filing of your FAFSA application by experienced professionals.
Access to experienced private-sector professionals who can review and consult on your information prior to filing.
Compare your selected colleges on available statistics, such as average salary earned.
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Contact us for help seven days a week, even in the evenings and on many federal holidays.
Option to start early at the end of each year. Have your FAFSA prepared early, and automatically filed for you in October.
Priority over all non-expedited applications in our queue for filing.
Discounted pricing for your second academic year, if you choose our two-year service.
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